An Agrihood is...

An agrihood is planned community that incorporates agriculture into a residential neighborhood.

The purpose of this type of neighborhood is to promote food production as well as provide community space, recreation, aesthetics and value for a community.

These planned developments are designed to connect people with the food they grow, their neighbors, and the nature that surrounds them. It’s a collaboration of agriculture, sustainability, and community.

Tiny Timbers Agrihood is...

Tiny Timbers is a place where people who believe in the tiny home movement and share a love for gardening and the outdoors can come together and live in a year round community of similar minded individuals.

From wanting a smaller footprint, to debt freedom, to better stewardship of the land around us people choose this lifestyle for many reasons. We believe residents should have privacy in their homes but not be isolated from nature and the friends around them. We encourage pot lucks, classes, and creating your own supply of healthy and diverse foods.

Just like past generations connected with and relied more on their neighbors, we feel 16 residents don’t need 16 individual lawn mowers, 16 wheelbarrows and 16 pressure canners. Together with shared resources and shared knowledge more is accomplished and long-lasting friendships are made along the way.

What is considered a "tiny home"?

The definitions for a tiny home can vary, but we have narrowed in on the tiny home specifications we will have in the Tiny Timbers Agrihood. The units must be RVIA, NOAH, or Pacific West certified.

  • A movable unit of 400 feet or less
  • Intended for separate, independent living quarters
  • Designed as a permanent, yearround residence for one household